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I will soon update my  Blackboard environment SP14 to Q4-2016 What do you recommend me? 1- Update step by step until you reach this version 2- Perform a clean installation and restore the courses Thanks for advance

Dan Loury,   When it is stated that 8/31/2017 is the Mobile Learn end date do you mean that date is when the application if still installed will no longer function?   We just would like clarification in case it comes up in our communication and in supporting faculty and students.  Do we have the date for the B2 update as well for
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The ability to leave and then return to a whiteboard without losing the whiteboard content would be a nice feature. After using an engagement activity like brainstorming then perhaps drilling down via a web tour, it would be nice to be able to return to the original whiteboard and re-examine the original whiteboard.