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Supposed I've created a graded discussion board, where the grading is done by thread. When I create a thread I know that I can select the number of posts a participant needs to make before showing up as "needs grading". Is there any way to view or modify that number after I've created the thread? (I'm hoping that there's a way to modify it and not

Blackboard’s new REST API Framework is a giant step forward for integrating with Blackboard Learn.  By moving the integration from in-process code to a separate machine the health of your Blackboard Learn instance is dramatically improved by lowering complexity and reducing the amount of code running in a single location.  The new
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안녕하세요? Blackboard 김이란입니다.   현재 Learn 9.1에서 제공하는 과제 채점 시 첨삭 기능(Inline Grading)은 Crocodoc API을 활용하고 있습니다. Crocodoc API 를 제공하는 Box Inc. 라는 회사에서 2018년 1월 15일자로 해당 서비스를 종료하기 때문에, 저희 Blackboard에서는 더 개선된 API인 Box View API로 대체하여 해당 기능을 제공하기로 결정하였습니다. (Box View API 변경 안내 (   Box View의 지원 버전은 Learn 9.1