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So when Scott and I decided to work on migrating the Signup List B2 to REST (specifically the MEAN stack + Learn REST APIs), I suggested that we look into how we could deliver the application to folks for testing and production use. Having never worked with mongoDB to any depth and never coded in Node.js I also saw an opportunity to learn a bit

We've written a handful of custom B2 modules using Spring, and have found that, unless the modules are set to load asynchronously, they'll blow up if there is more than one on a module page.  Additionally, we've found that some things aren't working if the modules are set to load asynchronously.    For instance, we have a custom
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I'm trying to add logic to my building block that will recognize when a course is a copy of another course, and will link the two courses together for further operations. Is there any sort of flag on a copied course indicating that it is copied, and if so, is there a way to get the id of the course it is copied from?   If there is no flag