TLCANZ18: The SaaS and Ultra Sysadmin Survival Guide

Video created by sarah.gregory on Sep 12, 2018

    SPEAKER: Kate Casey, Learning Environments Systems Administrator, James Cook University

    ABSTRACT: Want to know the secrets of surviving a Learn SaaS migration and Ultra UX transition unscathed? Want to avoid the blind panic that comes at the prospect of a full stack LMS transformation?

    JCU worked with Blackboard to complete a new SaaS/Ultra deployment in parallel with a migration of the legacy 9.1 instance throughout 2017. This presentation will discuss the steps we used in technical planning, implementation, and review, as well as conveying real world feedback and the lessons learned from those processes.

    Compiled for sysadmins by a sysadmin, this presentation will kickstart your thinking about the big technical considerations for your organisation when planning your move to SaaS and Ultra, as well as highlighting the sneaky little things you might not see coming until it's too late.

    Recorded at TLC ANZ 2018 in Brisbane, Australia