Mayo Clinic's Catalyst Award Story

Video created by sherynanthes on Jul 12, 2018

    Dr. Lapeyre uses online assessments in Blackboard Learn to deliver immediate feedback to Cardiology Fellowship trainees and save time on grading. Dr. Lapeyre has demonstrated the practical value of blending learning assessment to solve a challenge that could not be resolved without the robust capabilities of Learn assessment resources. His solution has resulted in the expansion of students’ access to valuable clinical education.


    Mayo Clinic won the 2018 Catalyst Award for Teaching & Learning. This award recognizes those who have adopted flexible, distance, and online delivery, including using mobile technologies to positively impact the educational experience.


    Thanks to: Andre Lapeyre, III, MD, Jerry Donney, Stacy Craft, Jennifer Mears, Kelley Sandvik, Kurt Simon, Tammy Simpkins, and Victoria Staifer, Dr. David Farley and the Farley Innovative Research Team.