How Students use Blackboard: What Differences in Units on a Modular Programme can tell us

Video created by timothyharfield on Jun 5, 2018

    Presentation by Katie Stripe, Imperial College London (National Heart Lung Institute)



    The blended MSc Genomic Medicine consists of 10 modules with almost identical structures and has a broad student demographic which allows us to look at how different students study, and how the differences in the content across modules affects student engagement and outcome. Each module has the same Blackboard shell and a 75% - 25% blend of online to face-to-face but is owned by the module leaders so they show significant variations in content and approach to delivery.


    Over an academic year we have collected data on student’s engagement with different activities, the construction of each module and we have interviewed and surveyed students to ascertain their feelings on the course and how it is structured. In the session I will present the findings and look at how these might be used to inform the way we build blended courses in the future to maximise student engagement and outcomes.


    Recorded at TLC Europe 2018