More than just a number: Maintaining a student-centric approach while taking the data plunge at Concordia University - Wisconsin

Video created by timothyharfield on Nov 14, 2017

    One rising trend in higher education is "data-driven decision making." The use of data can be a powerful tool in the hands of academic advisors, but as the focus turns to data we run the risk of losing our focus on individual students. The Office of Academic Advising and Retention at Concordia University-Wisconsin has integrated data-analytics into our service while maintaining a high-level of student-centeredness. By creating a series of student success dashboards and putting important data about at-risk students into the hands of administrators and advisors, we are removing barriers to success and reaching out to students when they need us the most. This presentation will provide actionable uses for data in ways that do not also sacrifice individual attention to student needs, and will share tips for using data to shape a convincing narrative for influencing administrators.



    Andy Miller, Director of Academic Advising & Retention, Concordia University-Wisconsin

    Elizabeth Polzin, Assistant Vice President of Academics for Student Success & Assistant Professor of Education, Concordia University-Wisconsin