Blackboard Analytics- A Step Ahead..?

Video created by msexton on Jun 27, 2017

         In Financial Time's recent article on the rapid ascent of facial recognition software in Chinese companies, they outline that these "start-ups enjoy a positive feedback loop in China: the more widely used their technology, the better it gets." "As real-life business applications increase in China, more and more data gets fed back into our systems to improve our deep learning,” said Mr Xie (Yinan, Spokesman for Face++, noted "Chinese Unicorn"). As with all AI applications, access to data is crucial." The article goes on to say that the huge population of Chinese users along with willingness to sacrifice data by customers has made them a powerhouse in the market.

         Does Blackboard have a similar situation on its hands. As the most widely used LMS, it has an enormous amount of data on its hands, easily the most among like companies. Not only that, but it also has a huge impending partnership with IBM. Noted for its recent developments with Watson, the most powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool on the market, IBM seems to be a perfect complement in honing Blackboard's analytic tools going forward. With Watson as its partner in AI and a wealth of data, should Blackboard choose to enter it, is retention and success predictive student analytics a market that it could dominate going forward?


    (Financial Times article- Smile to enter: China embraces facial-recognition technology, written by Yuan Yang and Yingzhi Yang on June 7, 2017)

    And more information on Watson and the IBM partnership can be found below:

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