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    UPDATED 7/26/2019.

    If you're looking to adopt the gamification leaderboard, you should start with version 2:

    Gamification: Course Leaderboard ver 2 




    Problem domain:


    While STEM industry is growing as much as 28% since year 2000, compared to 6% in other industries, and 230,246 STEM jobs were created in 2014-2015, skilled workers are not available.  Universities produced only 30,835 graduates from 2014-2015.  The attrition rate in STEM education is significant.  48% of bachelor’s candidates and 69% of associate’s candidates left STEM majors.  There are many reasons, but some are associated with myths college faculty hold on to about teaching and learning.  Shedding light on those myths and disseminating the science behind Scholarship of Teaching and Learning may help address the problem.


    Technical elements:

    1. Responsive design adopted to resize the graphs as the screen size changes
    2. Encryption provided by no cost Let's Encrypt SSL certificate:
    3. User data is never stored on the server side
    4. Privacy is ensured by generating random student names
    5. Accessibility ensured by text representation of graphical elements updated in real-time
    6. Game changer app: De-emphasize the meritocratic view of failure in education introduced by Napoleon (merit is rewarded; failure means your own doing; everyone can be successful; nobody else to blame for failure, but yourself).  Instead, the Greeks had a more balanced view of failure to stress that bad things happen to good people.  Life can be tragic and learning, catharsis, and empathy may be more important than success.  Schools are focused too much on meritocracy and Big Data is taking us into dark places for learning.


    Instructions on how to adopt the app:

    coursegames | Course Gamification Tools for Blackboard Learn


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    More about the project and gamification:

    Course Gamification Tools for Blackboard Learn