VIRTUAL POSTER: Creating Master Courses – A Reflection

Video created by carlparkin on Apr 18, 2017

    As a team leader for courses taught in 17 campuses throughout the United Arab Emirates, I have spent a lot of time developing master courses that are offered across the system. There are, of course, many challenges that come with this.

    This presentation will show a few of the ideas I have used along the way. I will look at a few tips as well as a few tools that, for me, have helped to create useful, effective courses that provide the required support for both teachers and students.



    Belinda Southby

    Higher Colleges of Technology,  UAE

    I am currently working in the UAE at the Higher Colleges of Technology. I teach English in the General Studies program as well as Leadership and Community Service courses. I constantly work to integrate technology into the learning environment. I have worked with ipads in the classroom, both as teacher trainer and materials developer. More recently I am working with increasingly mobile learners and the challenge of increasingly smaller devices!