VIRTUAL POSTER: Mimicking Pronunciation and Prosody

Video created by carlparkin on Apr 18, 2017

    Traditional methods tend to teach literacy before pronunciation. However, when you can't hear the sounds of a language, you struggle to understand it and when you can't pronounce, you struggle to speak it. In other words if the reception and expression has a breakdown, communication becomes impaired. Prosody is a crucial component in speech but is often neglected in teaching practice. How we say things can significantly change the meaning of a message.


    In this presentation, I will focus on the importance of pronunciation and prosody and discuss how I teach these skills using mimicking and technology.



    Pushpa Sadhwani

    Higher Colleges of Technology

    Pushpa Sadhwani has a Masters in English Language Teaching and has been working at the Higher Colleges of Technology in Dubai (UAE) for 10 years. Previously she has also taught in Qatar and Thailand. Her areas of interest include curriculum development and teaching communication. Using Blackboard Learn as a platform, Pushpa is the course designer for Academic Spoken Communication which is taught in all 17 colleges of HCT. The modules covered are, group discussions, announcements, presentations, interviews, debates and digital stories to name a few.