VIRTUAL POSTER: Student Video Creation for Assessment

Video created by aholohan on Mar 31, 2017

    This session will give an overview of a case study in practice from the University of Derby in which students created video content for assessment.

    The session will focus on how Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) support services provided infrastructure and instruction for staff and students to instill within them the skills needed to produce digital works of value to their subject area.

    In this session you will see the step by step process the students go through to create their assessed piece. We will also explain how we, as media professionals, support the learners, to make the process as simple as possible.  Attendees will see examples of student work from different courses, showing a wide range of creativity. We will also showcase case studies from academics and students explaining the positive impact of undertaking this practice.

    Matt Howcroft

    Media Adviser, University of Derby

    Matt Howcroft is a Media Adviser at the University of Derby supporting the College of Arts, Humanities and Education and the College of Engineering and Technology in the creation of media for teaching and learning. Matt specialises in student media creation for assessment, particularly looking at the use of mobile devices and online editing software. Prior to working the University of Derby, Matt worked for 15 years as a professional photographer.

    Matt Howcroft