VIRTUAL POSTER: How to Create Experiential & Blended Learning Environments

Video created by aholohan on Mar 31, 2017

    Delivering a personalized instruction requires deliberate choices of the learning environment. Experiential learning theory offers an opportunity for capacity building that would help prepare learners for the challenges of the 21st century. Blended learning, which is a mix between face to face instruction and online learning, has proven to be beneficial for higher education and is now being adapted in K-12 educational systems.  Web 2.0 technology options and Blackboard Learn Learning Management System are tools that offer faculty and instructional designers opportunities to facilitate a successful experiential learning in a blended environment.  This session will demonstrate how experiential learning could be successfully delivered in a blended learning format.


    Lana Hiasat

    Faculty and soon Dr.  ( End of March, 2017), Higher Colleges of Technology

    Lana Hiasat is a full-time faculty at the General Studies department in the Dubai Men’s College, Higher Colleges of Technology in the United Arab Emirates.  Drawing on her background of cultural diversity, trainings in emotional intelligence, creativity, and intercultural understanding. Hiasat offers unique insights into educational leadership, cultural inclusion, and integration of technology. Hiasat values honesty, professionalism, diversity, and integrity. Hiasat’s first Master’s degree was in social science and the second was in MTESL. Hiasat’s Ed Doctorate research was focused on blended learning approaches in integrating technology into higher education programs. Hiasat’s passion is in creating learning environments that are student centered, flexible, and based on effective integration of technology.