The Art of Quoting-An MP4  for Smartphones

Video created by lcward24 on Feb 11, 2016

    I made both a YouTube and an MP4 file for this video in an effort to help my students understand the concept of quoting.


    The actual video may be found on Youtube:

    Follow the link to the Video "The Art of Quoting: The Quotation Sandwich."

    A script is attached for this video in my Blackboard class and the video is closed captioned. 

    A link to copy and paste if needed


    Help from the BB Community.

    I used the BB Rubric discussed in the Fall 2015 webinar on 8/18/2015 hosted by Ms. Carey Smouse and others.

    I was inspired by the webinar to work on videos for links to YouTube and made an MP4 file as well for my students to download to their smartphones.

    Of course, they could just go to Youtube, but once they have the mp4 on their phones, they can watch it even if they do not have wireless access.

    Prof. Laviece Ward, PhD (English)