• Institutional Hierarchy Nodes Restrict Remove node

    We are setting up institutional Hierarchy and I am trying to find a way to restrict node admins from removing a node from courses. I found the permission that disallows this inside of institutional hierarchy but they ...
    created by hd35399
  • Retroactive Attendance

    Under review
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    One of our professors likes to take attendance/roll call on Blackboard, but some days she doesn't log in or even use the computer in class at all and just takes roll on paper, so she would like to be able to retroacti...
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  • Social Learning Tools deprecated

    So, it looks like Blackboard is having a clear-out of older and less-used tools - after yesterday's announcement that Blackboard Open Content would be discontinued from 31st December 2019, I've read today that the Soc...
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  • TLC MEA 2020

    3/29/20 12:00 AM
    Blackboard's Teaching & Learning Conference Middle East and Africa (MEA) is where education professionals gather to make change happen. Engage with Blackboard leaders, experts and representatives from institutions...
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  • SaaS Signed URLs

    In SaaS Signed URLs allow content to be delivered directly and securely from cloud storage, which provides faster transfers and requires fewer resources to run on the system. A signed URL is equivalent to the actual f...
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  • Blackboard Building Blocks

    Building Blocks are one means of extending the capabilities of Learn either by adding functionality or by integrating with external resources and services. Learn also supports Web Services, Proxy Tools, and  Lear...
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  • Make avatar pictures bigger

    Under review
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    It's great people can upload profile pics/avatars, but when they are used by Learn they are so small that it's hard to see the person. Could they be made bigger - particularly in views like the roster and group views?...
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  • Build on the functionality of the Blackboard Ultra rubrics to include points and point ranges. Also increase the limitations to rows and columns.

    Under review
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    I find the Ultra rubric limitations very limiting and frustrating coming from the learn environment (which was perfect). My academic personel can't seem to understand why they are now limited only to percentages and w...
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  • Welcome to the Open LMS user group!

    Stay tuned for updates!
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  • custom theme problem after upgrade

    During yesterday's K-BUG meeting I asked a question regarding problems with our custom theme after upgrading from 3400.0.10 to 3500.0.8.  I think the problem turned out to be self-inflicted in that we were not ca...
    created by jefflong
  • Embed HTML in Personalized Learning Designer Email Notifications

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    We would like to be able to embed html into the email that we are sending out to our users. These emails are the notifications that are being released from Personalized Learning Designer. The stock options in the PLD ...
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  • Is a new Learn theme on the way?

    We've been a bit slow to migrate to the 2016 theme and were thinking about doing so soon, but realized with a 2012 theme and a 2016 theme, that a 2020 theme (or similar) might be on the way. I've looked around, but ca...
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  • In search of: Your best Grade Center advice!

    We've got customers new to Learn - and I know many of you have been working with Learn for years! I'm looking for your best tips, tricks, gotchas, FYIs to include in a “Grade Center Cheat Sheet”. My goal...
  • Attendance will not open...has anyone encountered this?

    I need to use attendance functionality, like creating meetings and checking student attendance, but I get an error dialog when I attempt to open the attendance page in the course are of Blackboard instance. I have att...
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  • Get Started with the Attendance API

    Overview The Attendance API is a REST API that works in conjunction with Blackboard Learn. It becomes available in Blackboard Learn with release 3500.7. You use the Attendance API to track user attendance at meetings....
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  • SaaS Planning Workshop/ Taller de planificación de SaaS (SPANISH)

    11/19/19 11:00 AM
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    SaaS Planning Workshop/ Taller de planificación de SaaS (SPANISH)

    in SaaS Planning Workshop

  • Lock Test upon Full Score

    Under review
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    I have developed several BB question pools for my class and have designed timed tests (I call them "assignments") around these pools. The test (and questions) are designed to be very quick to analyize - I set the time...
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  • Messaging

    For those that have switched, or are preparing to switch, to Ultra Base Navigation: how are you handling the Messaging feature? Our faculty are concerned about having to check multiple places for emails from students...
    created by la0051689
  • The Future of the Blackboard Community 

    For over four years, we have seen this community grow to almost 14,000 users from around the world. There are over 5,500 discussions, 1,000 blog posts, 3,100 documents created, 2,900 ideas submitted, and countless con...
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  • Download Multiple Attachments in File Exchange

    Under review
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    Faculty members would like the ability to download multiple files in their Groups file exchange areas. This would help when reviewing multiple documents and articles a group posts.
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