• Cross-course achievements

    I'm just discovering the joy of Achievements and, although I think I know the answer to this, was wondering if there was a way for students to view all of their achievements across all courses?  It's not such an ...
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  • flat files format

    how i can create format for EXTERNAL COURSE KEY in course flat file
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  • Ordering Question

    Under review
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    At the moment in blackboard,  students have to click a drop down dropdown menu.  It will be more intuitive if students can drag and drop the items to re order.
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  • Bulk Delete include course menu items

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    When performing a bulk delete the course content is the only option. Can we include course menu items as an option.
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  • ENTERPRISE - Cost Sharing for Plugin Reviews

    This discussion has been created for Open LMS Enterprise clients to initiate conversations regarding cost sharing for plugin reviews.   Here are some suggested guidelines to help keep discussion th...
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  • November 2019 Learn Office Hours Recordings

    Office Hours Session Agenda Recording Link November 5, 2019 Java 11 https://us.bbcollab.com/recording/578ad6f92cb64be89005b15d8b1fdbf1  November 12, 2019 Open  https://us.bbcollab.com/recording/c84993339a...
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  • Rate limit for API calls per hour or second

    Hi Folks, I understand that there is a rate limit for API calls, which is 10K per 24 hours. Do we have any rate limit for an hour or a second? Is there a scenario when the API requests exceed a number(50) per second f...
    created by kh32344
  • announcements are not being seen by the student's. This is going on in 2 classes any work around

    I have a instructor send me a ticket with this.     I emailed the class, and also myself through announcements, and it did not go to my junk email or out to any of the student's. We were going to be wo...
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  • SCORM option for Highest Grade Attempt in Grade Center

    Greetings fellow Blackboard Admins,   Our Instructional Design Team is working on building out new SCORM packages created via Articulate.   I notice that the only options on the Blackboard side&#...
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  • REST Courses - Institutional Hierarchy

    Under review
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    We're working with rest api to keep synchronized the Blackboard courses with our system and we work the with Institutional Hierarchy.   Right now, with "POST /learn/api/public/v1/courses" isn't possible becasuse...
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  • It's back: 21 Days of Blackboard Data

    In August we offered an online event called 21 Days of Blackboard Data, in which members of the Blackboard community with SQL expertise could learn how to use the Developer Tier of the Blackboard Reporting Stack to an...
    Steve Bailey
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  • SafeAssign Language Expansion Project

    Over the course of this year the SafeAssign team has made improvements to our processing of submissions for non-English languages. We recently announced that we have improved the functionality for Spanish so much that...
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  • Will Ally be available for Bb Content Items?

    I know Ally can't currently make the text within a Blackboard Learn Content Item accessible. Does anyone know if this is on the cards, either in Learn or Ultra?   Thanks in advance for any response. Al at Univ...
    created by ah0076802
  • Blackboard's CCPA implementation project

    For Blackboard, data privacy is of utmost importance and we take our responsibility to comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) very seriously. We have established a dedicated California Consumer Privacy...
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  • ¿who css style help to change the color of course menu active in Blackboard Learn?

    Hi people,   I need change the color of link lateral menu in one course in Blackboard when the menu link is activate. I had proved with many options using css styles but that options  don't work well.  ...
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  • 'Auto' recording feature in Collaborate Ultra

    Under review
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    Dear Blackboard,   Could we please have an 'auto' recording feature in Collaborate Ultra? At present, a session moderator must click the recording button in a session to start recording, and there is no feature...
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  • New Amazon Alexa Skill coming soon for Blackboard Learn users

    We are pleased to announce that we will be launching a new Alexa Skill for Blackboard Learn later this month. This integration will be the first Alexa Skill officially released by Blackboard.    What is the ...
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  • November 2019: Inline Grading and Re:Mark Update

    If you haven’t heard, the New Box View replacement for Inline Assignment Grading has a new name- Re:Mark.  The roll-out for Re:Mark will begin in mid-March 2020 with a Technical Preview program.  We ar...
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  • Ultra Notifications

    How long do notifications stick around in the Activity Stream?   Are notifications recoverable after they have been dismissed?
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  • Locate and remove orphaned files

    Under review
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    We are looking for a way to purge all unused (orphaned) images from all activities and resources (i.e. books, chapters, pages, forums, etc) across courses.     This would reduce data storage, and impro...
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