Next BBMHUG meeting on 19th December 2019

Discussion created by adrian.molyneux on Nov 21, 2019

The next meeting is planned for 19th December. It's a virtual meeting on Collaborate but if you're in the vicinity of Sheffield or Keele, feel free to join from there.


Signup link: Medicine and Health User Group Meeting 


Please feel free to add comments, ideas and suggestions below.


The tentative agenda is as follows:


13:15- 13:30Introductions, agenda
13:30 -14:00Client Success Programmes, Bb News, TLC 2020
14:00 – 14:50From PBL to ePBL, issues and challenges, incl. adaptive release, online feedback and evaluation, group assessment rubrics (how to assess the free riders…)
15:00- 15:45PBL/ ePBL, Perspectives from the US:  Bb colleague Angela Robbins works with top medical schools such as Mayo Clinic. She might available to provide us with some online PBL best practice and use cases from the USA.
15:45 -16:00Break
16:00- 16:45Update on the Goals and Achievements tool from Chris and Ruth
16:45- 17:00Closing and Actions for next meeting