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Is Anyone Else Having Issues with Undelivered Emails Sent from the Grade Center?

Question asked by rs28480 on Nov 19, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2019 by czaplatosch

Hi there! I was wondering if you all can help me? We are a SaaS client. For the past several months (more than 6), I have been getting reports from faculty that emails that they send to students are not always being delivered. The instructor will sometimes just email one student and other times, they select several students and email them as a group, but this is done via checking the box next to the students' names in the Grade Center and selecting Email Selected Users.

I submitted a ticket to BTB asking if they had other reports or maybe a Known Issue with emailing students from the grade center. They replied to say they had no other reports and asked me for proof of the issue. 

So I was able to find a professor who had the carbon copy of two separate emails that she had sent to students. The email had the time and date stamp on it.

I was then able to send the information to our networking team who manages the gmail accounts for those two students. He looked through the logs and found no record that those emails ever hit the mailboxes of those two students.

However, when I submitted this "proof" to Blackboard technical support, they said that they are not able to replicate this issue, so they are not able to assist.

So my question for you all is this: are you having any reports of this issue where emails sent from the Grade Center are sporadically not being delivered?