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Searchable Wiki's in Blackboard Learn?

Question asked by harry.cargile on Nov 6, 2019

Hello!  We are looking for a searchable repository solution either within Blackboard Learn (SaaS) or using SSO through Blackboard Learn that ideally feels like a single solution.


This solution will contain a great deal of legal text broken up by laws / subjects.  So, the requirements would be something like:

  • Full Text Searchable
  • SSO (no need for re-entering credentials)
  • UI intuitive (bread crumbs or collapse / expanding sections) that looks modern
  • Includes potential other features like audit trails / update marking and prevents printing


The default Blackboard Wiki tool or building within a course doesn't seem to have a full text searchable function.


Does anyone have a viable solution to suggest?


Thank you!


Harry Cargile

Open SUNY Application Services Manager

State University of New York