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LinkedIn Learning integration breaks with custom language pack

Question asked by cc36297 on Nov 6, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2019 by christer.lassman

Hi all,


We have been testing LinkedIn Learning's (LiL) new integration via Partner Cloud, and ran into a pretty sizable roadblock that intersects our use of a custom language pack.  See the Known Issue here: 


It seems that *any* client using a custom language pack cannot access the Content Market?  I may be reading the KB article incorrectly, but I'm surprised that this issue has not yet been fixed (at least in SaaS) if true.  After all, Bb seems to be increasingly advocating for Partner Content lately.  


All that to say, since LiL only integrates with Bb via Partner Cloud, this integration is effectively DOA for us at the moment.


Anybody else out there experiencing this issue? With LiL or other partners?