Observers in Bb Learn Ultra

Discussion created by jk0079712 on Oct 30, 2019
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We are using Bb Learn Ultra with Saas deployment, but still using original course view.  I recently had a request from a coach to be an observer user in Bb, so he can track his student athletes and their progress, or lack of, for eligibility and retention purposes.  After about 2 weeks of going 'round with my IT people, a friend at another college who uses this, and BtBb, it was finally discovered that Learn Ultra does not have the Observer Dashboard capability.  


Does anyone else with Ultra have a work-around for this?  I was able to set up all my coaches as observers, and all their athletes and the courses they are enrolled in are linked to their user accounts.  But, they cannot see anything once logged into the course.  There is no Observer Dashboard for them when they log in.


Any ideas, thoughts, or help is very much appreciated!