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Google Assignments LTI

Question asked by ryan_king on Oct 18, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2019 by ryan_king

Has anyone had any luck attaching files from Google Drive in the new Assignments LTI?


We're in the process of testing the Google Assignments LTI but it's not behaving as we expected/ would like it to. 


The LTI was added successfully and a placement created. In my 9.1 Courses (It does not work in Ultra) I can

  1. Click on Create Content
  2. Choose the Assignments LTI
  3. Put in my title and instructions
  4. Add a due date
  5. Add points etc. 
  6. I can select files from the content collection/ my computer but there is no button to select from Google Drive. 
  7. Once the assignment is created I can click the link and go to the grading area in assignments but I can't add a file.


Is this what others are experiencing or did I miss something?