Blackboard Outage: Causes and Fallout

Discussion created by rs28480 on Oct 10, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2019 by nc36270

I am sure many of you were impacted by the big Blackboard outage earlier this week. I have reached out to our account rep to find out the cause of the issue, but no information is available yet. Our network admin seems to think that maybe Blackboard (or AWS?) was hacked? I do not quite understand networking, so I cannot speculate.

However, since the outage, several of our online students have been unable to access our Blackboard site. We have found that all of these students are using smaller ISP's that have, for some reason, blacklisted our Blackboard site. Once the student contacts the ISP to have our Blackboard site whitelisted, the issue is resolved.

I submitted a ticket to Blackboard tech support and their only response was to ask if we had asked the user to try a different web browser. Ugh!

Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Does anyone else have any information on what happened to cause this outage? Since we can only speculate (since Blackboard will give us NO information), can anyone speculate what happened?