Discussion created by ianaugust45 on Oct 9, 2019

Watching some of the webinars and had some questions -


We cannot forward announcements to students email correct? Is this coming soon? If so, can I recommend that you allow us to set up announcements to a) release on a certain date and b)forward to students email. In Learn you cannot use both of these settings, but we should be able to. 


Test questions - Can we add feedback to each question, I do not see that as an option?


What is the update on allowing us to add html code? I have heard the arguments about page rendering on mobile devices but every modern website is both a) full of visuals and b) easily rendered on all types of devices - Seems like an easy thing to do on the modern web. 

In testing I can add html code to learn course, and convert it to Ultra, and the code stays, its just too small. 


If I want to upload a video and have it show inline, not shown as a link, this can only be done in a document correct? I would love to have a video be the first thing students see in the course, a welcome to the course video, but it only shows up a link not inline. 


Under conditional availability the SEQUENCE option is only available with learning modules, is that correct?


Thanks -