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Discontinuing the Academic Materials Feature and Textbook Content Type

Question asked by chrisboon on Oct 8, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2019 by chrisboon

I've just read the article entitled "Discontinuing the Academic Materials Feature and Textbook Content Type" 

The article says " Effective December 31, 2019, we will be discontinuing the Academic Materials feature along with support for the Textbook course content type."

We've only just discovered this feature (late to the party I know!) but we found the ability to either look up a textbook via ISBN number, or manually enter it, was a nice feature.  Yes, it would be possible to just add link to the book on Amazon, or copy the details, but having the book details presented in this was was very nice.

Does anyone else use this?  Will the discontinuation of this cause problems for others?  I'm glad we've not started using this extensively, but it is a shame it's being removed.