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Status 500 on Response

Question asked by cz0070476 on Sep 26, 2019

Hello BB Community,


I am having an issue with retrieving information from an API, and while it does work most of the time, for some, I receive an error and get "status:500" in the response. The API in question that I am calling is getting a listing of contents from a course:




Here are a few screenshots of the actual calls that I am making through postman that detail a 200 request and a 500 request:



What I would like to know is what is causing this? When going to the content that throws the error, I don't see anything out of the ordinary. What does the extraInfo mean?


EDIT: This is in our institution's Test Environment, Self-Hosted, Version 3500.0.6 of Blackboard.


EDIT2: Found that the extraInfo was errorId for log (That may be a more apt name in the future) and this was gleaned from the logs:


2019-09-26 16:03:48 -0400 - [ERROR] Error Id: 15e2f5dcf7864ccaade93988c0636cdb - java.lang.NullPointerException
        at java.lang.Iterable.forEach(


Suspecting it has something to do with the type of the content? Although the content in question appears to be a simple 'Home' folder. Any Insights here?


EDIT3: My suspicions were incorrect, as after checking the content over the database, found that the handle is 'resource/x-bb-folder' and the content type is set to 'REG'. This appears to be a fairly normal folder, so why is it throwing a 500? Any info at all is appreciated.