Discussion created by eb0071065 on Sep 19, 2019

So we get a fair few updates from Blackboard with some things that are good to know and some things that don't really affect us. We have devised a new way to manage the updates where we basically have an excel sheet in teams with the following columns

  • Article number - for this we create a hyper link with the article number - WLTA
  • Title what the article is about - WLTA
  • Summary - what the summary is - WLTA
  • Comments - what we think - CRA
  • Published/update date - any info regarding a fix or no fix etc - WLTA
  • Any workaround - anything to mitigate - CRA
  • Subscribed - a yes or no comment CPA
  • Target fix - any data relevant  - WLTA


The Key above is as follows

  • Would Like To Automate
  • Cant Really Automate
  • Could Possibly Automate


So the system we have is OK I think but i Would like to automate as much of the process as possible as it means time to do other things.At the moment there is a lot of copy and pasting going on.  So would anyone have an idea/suggestion on where to look for this, for some reason I am drawn to excel but then I am thinking that there could be an even better way than that, possibly a database we could host ourselves where the data is dumped to?


Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly recieved.