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postCloneCourseEventListener not working anymore

Question asked by cf26721 on Sep 18, 2019

A few years back, I wrote a custom building block to help us clean up enrollments out of our master/template courses, after they'd been cloned.  In our self hosted environment, running v3500.0.4, the tool is working fine.  But we also manage a number of SaaS partners, and the tool has stopped working there, without any errors.


I've been testing it in the latest DVM, and found that it appears that Learn is just not firing the post copy hook anymore at all.


<definition namespace="blackboard.platform">
<extension id="clgsPostCloneCourseEventListener"
point="blackboard.cmsadmin.postCloneCourseEventListener" class="com.collegiseducation.extensions.CourseEventHandler"
singleton="true" />


I've brought this up with Bb Support, as I actually see errors showing up in the copy logs, indicating that it's failing to register the event (even in environments where I do not have my building block deployed).  So something appears to be broken, but I'm struggling to get any traction on it. Mark Kauffman or Scott Hurrey, any help?


Has anyone else developed a B2 using this hook?