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Disable course enrollment in Blackboard when enrollment disappears in SIS

Question asked by connie.mack on Sep 12, 2019
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We use SIS Framework processing to create users, enrollment, courses, etc. in our Blackboard environment.  We had a Blackboard consultant work out a custom enrollment process for course drops/course changes by implementing a column for registration status and the corresponding codes that directed blackboard to make enrollment changes as necessary based on those codes.  This process worked perfectly until changes were made in our registration office to some courses that stopped using those codes and instead they are deleting the enrollment in our SIS.  This creates issues with our process because there is no code being used to direct Blackboard to disable course based on the codes as we upload records in store mode.........Blackboard keeps the student enrolled based on the last code used to enroll them.  I am not having much luck talking "the powers" that be into changing this new process (removing enrollment in SIS) so I am reaching out now to see if anyone has suggestions on alternatives for disabling access to a student's course if they are no longer in the enrollment file.  I do not want to have records upload in complete refresh mode because of course we have some students who have their courses are dropped due to late payments, etc. and then they pay and get reinstated........I don't want to lose their work.......and of course I don't want to use the delete mode either.  Is there a code that can be used to disable records if they are  no longer in the enrollment file or some other process to disable records based on changes in the file?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.