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Does anyone have the 1.3.10 version of the AutoSignOn tool

Question asked by jb31639 on Sep 4, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2019 by jkelley_blackboard


We're trying to achieve single sign on *and deep linking* from an external portal.


I've tried the new version of the autosignon tool which works (SSO) but doesn't support deep links. A few people have mentioned a 1.3.10 version of the older AutoSignOn tool. Does anyone have a copy or could they point me to the source/repo


I've looked here:

OSCELOT, Inc. · GitHub 

and here:

OSCELOT Projects > Projects > AutoSignOn Building Block > Files > Browse Releases 


I'm not able to find a 1.3.10 version??


The 1.1 version appears to lose the shared key after being set. Blackboard have said they don't have it either.


Thanks for any help on this