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Tunneling with Cascading and Overlapping

Question asked by dinozdiem on Sep 3, 2019
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I am a parent of a K12 WiVA student and am having difficulty that I cannot seem to get resolved. I am hoping that perhaps someone on this forum has run into this issue before and can offer a suggestion or workaround.  While in an active BB session, we are arbitrarily getting a "Tunneling" issue that does not behave like most that I've seen online or in videos that I've been able to find on the subject.  The screen will tunnel, but at the same time it fractures, causing overlapping cascading screens, making the program useless except for listening and even then it occasionally will drop connection.  We are only logging in to participate in the lesson, we are not doing a sharing session (where most tunneling issues seem to arise from).  I've been told by tech support for both our K12 institution and from BB that this is not something they have run into prior.

screenshot of tunneling with overlap on fractured screen