Student Notifications related to 'My marks and activity'

Discussion created by resource.production on Aug 30, 2019
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We recently upgraded to Ultra Base Navigation, whilst maintaining the Original course view. Since then we have had a few queries and concerns over the Activity Stream, however, just this week we were alerted to a notification received by a student regarding their overall progress in the course so far. We are now in Week 5 and a student recived this notification in their acitvity stream, basically commenting on their 'below class average' progress.


This took us completely by surprise! This is the first instance we have seen of such a notification, but I am guessing it is related to 'My marks and activity'?


Does anyone out there have any knowledge of this, where it comes from, when they are sent, whether it can be turned off or at least modified? Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.


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