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Feature Request: Allow Instructor to Change Start Date

Discussion created by Mariann Hawken on Aug 23, 2019
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Our courses are currently set up to use terms for organization on the Courses page, but not for date release. That is, our faculty decide when they release courses, both with the availability and the date. An instructor can choose to open a course on the first day of classes, 3 days before classes start, or even 3 weeks before classes start. This works fine with Original courses where an instructor can modify the date and the availability.


Unfortunately, this is not possible in an Ultra course. An instructor can modify the availability, but not the release date. Our faculty are somewhat confused and a little frustrated that they have to request the date modification from our staff instead of making the changes themselves. We'd like to request a feature change to allow faculty to change the date.


Something like...

(You could make this look much nicer.)


We realize that not every institution will want to allow this functionality, but we'd love to see a mechanism to let faculty to change the date, if so allowed by the system admin.




Mariann H.