Online Courses & Publisher Content

Discussion created by lcaden10 on Aug 27, 2019

Hello, Bb Community. Recently, a colleague and I have been discussing the heavy reliance of publisher content by faculty who teach online courses. In these particular courses, the faculty rarely uses Blackboard and is only a place to hold links to the publisher website. My concern is, who is teaching the course? And, if students are paying a distance learning fee, is it fair that the fee is being used to pay for an LMS that the students aren't using and then have to pay an additional fee for an access code? And how can course evaluators evaluate a course they have no access to because they cannot log into the publisher site?


I know of at least one university that has a policy limiting the amount of publisher content allowed in online courses. I am looking for research, data, anything that can help me understand if this is a concern or not.


Do you have any such policy? If so, how did you manage to make it policy?