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Dynamic "Due date" for assignment activity?

Question asked by mm0077361 on Aug 21, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2019 by nc36270


I have a so-called non-stop course that students can start whenever they want. So there is no fixed start time for the course. 


The course includes several written assignments that students make and return to assignment-activities. Each assignment has its own assignment-activity for returning. I would like the students to have for example two weeks to return the first learning assignment. And after that they have two weeks to return the second assignment...and so on.


If all students started the course at the same time, this would be easy. Assignment-activity could have a specific due date. But now the due date is different for every student (it depends on when the student started the course)


Has anyone else met a similar need and may have found a solution? Could this be done with the help of PLD with appropriate rules (for example, to make the activity visible only 2 weeks from the day the student starts the course, etc.)?