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Accessibility and existing content

Question asked by shargreaves on Aug 21, 2019

Hi all.  Apologies if I'm asking the obvious, but we could really use a bit of guidance about accessibility and existing content within Blackboard.  


We're just in the process of getting Ally, which we're very excited about and, in the run-up to this, have just started accessibility training for tutors and it's throwing up a couple of issues:


Firstly, we've been quite shocked at the reaction of staff when we tell them about the accessibility regulations.  Only a handful of staff members were already aware of the regs and I it us?  Were your staff better informed or is this all a massive country-wide surprise!?


Some staff members have a lot of documents/presentations that they've built up over the years that are still relevant to their teaching  but that are horribly inaccessible, and we're having a tough time convincing them that this isn't the end of the world.  So I wonder what you are telling your staff in a similar position.  I know they've got a year to sort existing content but this isn't long when you look at some tutors' resources.  


So, with content like this, would it be acceptable to post a statement within the course saying that alternative, more accessible content will be provided on request?  I need to come up with something to put a few tutors' minds at rest!


One tutor came to us and said that Blackboard isn't, strictly speaking, a public facing site and, although we are well on the way to making our website compliant, do the same rules apply to Blackboard.   


Thanks in advance for any advice you can give.