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Ultra Assessment Behaviors

Question asked by Mariann Hawken on Aug 21, 2019
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Hi folks --


Got a couple of questions about Ultra assessment behaviors:


#1 - Has anyone experienced an issue with an uploaded MP3 not playing in an Ultra course? It doesn't seem to be the browser as it's replicable in several other users when we check and I have been able to play an MP3 in a demo assignment in another course. Just not in the Japanese course.


From the instructor view, it looks like the files will be playable to the student:


From the student view, however, the files are presented as links, which open in a new window:


In my demo course, I'm able to get my uploaded MP3 to play properly in the student view:


Should the instructor insert only one MP3 per question?


#2 - The other odd behavior we've noticed is editing the MP3 question in an assessment after previewing as a student. If we attempt to do so after preview, we cannot. We can only edit/regrade after a preview, even if there are no submissions. There's nothing in the gradebook to reset and no submission to delete, yet the assessment will not let us add another question. We'd prefer not to reset the preview student in some cases as the demo data is used in training.


My colleague was able to add more questions as long as the MP3 was not part of a question -- if it's just added as a local file, before a question is created, then the assessment can be edited. This is a potential challenge for some language courses using audio files for assessments if they are building tests & assignments, check with student preview, and then go back to continue building the assessment.


Anyone else experience these quirks? What's your workaround?





Mariann H.