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Randomize Question Order Across Multiple Random Blocks

Question asked by ed25882 on Aug 14, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2019 by rnihlawi

I've got more of a feature-related than technical question regarding Blackboard Learn's Random Block question type. 


As we know, Random Block is powerful in that it can randomly pull x number of questions from a larger Pool.

For example: An Instructor can set up a Random Block to pull 5 Multiple Choice questions from a "Chapter 1" Pool containing 50 total questions, essentially ensuring each student gets a virtually different version of the Test.


However, we've found that Tests consisting of multiple Random Blocks do not provide an inherent means to randomize the question order across all Random Blocks.

For example: A Test containing 3 Random Blocks, each pulling 5 questions from Pools A, B, and C respectively, will show all 5 questions from Pool A first, all 5 questions from Pool B next, then all 5 from Pool C -- even when Randomize Questions in Test Options is checked.


tl;dr: Multiple Random Blocks are showing questions in Pool-inherent order, regardless of Randomize Questions being checked.


My question: Is there a way to randomize all questions across multiple Random Blocks?




Edit (8/30/2019): For those interested in following the progress of this requested feature, take a look at my submitted Idea on the Bb Community.