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Disclaimer: this is in no way derivative or inspired by other "Show us your ..." discussions created in the community. 

(I think original credit for these "show us your" discussions goes to Chris Boon from City College Norwich). I'd also like to credit Maria Tannant from University for the Creative Arts who created a similar "Show us your ..." thread previously which is more focussed on Learn Original/9.1 experience login pages.


This discussion is focussed specifically on login pages created for Learn when the Ultra Experience has been enabled.


At BB World 2019, Santiago Vanegas and I ran a workshop entitled Creating Beautiful Login and Institution Pages in Ultra. We were asked to run this due to work which Santi had done when preparing our internal demo environments. During the workshop, we showcased some example login pages with different layouts, Santi walked through the "Anatomy of a Login Page" and we also had a special guest appearance from Blackboard MVP Szymon Machajewski who delivered a great presentation on the work he has done with Institution pages at University of lllinois at Chicago. You can get all the detail on that in the thread LTI Tool Generation for Ultra Navigation.


Apart from this we also provided attendees with a number of assets which I'm making available in this thread in the first few replies to this discussion. If you attended the workshop and would like to provide feedback then please do. If you have examples of your own Ultra login pages you would like to share either inspired by the workshop or otherwise then we'd love to see them. We'll keep sharing examples of what we are doing. Santi has been working on something since BB World which I think is rather exciting.

Santiago Vanegas presenting in the workshop


Attached to this initial post is a tagged up login-ultra.jsp file which tells you what the different areas of the file do, where you can edit it and where you should leave well alone. This came from an environment running 3700.5. It goes without saying that you should always download a copy of the latest version from your environment when you start to customise the login page but this will give you a good reference point.