Collaborate - one session for two different course sections?

Discussion created by ddemelo on Aug 6, 2019
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One of my MBA faculty posed a question to me. This fall he is teaching two sections of the same course (a 16 week hybrid). He wants to create one session that students in both sessions can attend. I want to say that I believe this is possible but I’m not sure. I don’t believe Collaborate sessions are specifically tied to students in a particular course section.


I assume that he has to choose one course section to ‘create the session’ in. Students in that class can easily join when the time comes via a tool link created on the left menu. This is trickier for the second course. I assume he will have to send an announcement/email to the second class with the link information / PIN for them to attend. I’m thinking that once the session is held, students from both section 1 and section 2 will join in the Collaborate session. He will plan to record the session, which will be available for students in section 1 but he’ll need to download the recording and upload it (via Kaltura, I’m guessing) for section 2.


I want to test this but I’m not even sure how to test it to ensure that, without any doubt, it would work in the actual real courses with real students. Does anyone have any experience with doing this with (or without) success? We are using Bb learn original experience with Collaborate ultra.