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Any Idea how to hide a Bb course link in portal site with out "Disabling"

Question asked by ve0070998 on Jul 31, 2019
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Hello My fellow System admins,


Our institution uses Colleague and our workflow is ILP. Now our faculty and students access Bb through their portal site. Once they click on the link to their courses it redirects them straight into Bb. Now each term once the courses are done the courses remain open for 30 and then after those 30 days the courses are marked "Unavailable". When this is done on the students side the links to the courses are no longer available to them in the portal. But for faculty it still remains it's just slightly grayed out. Now faculty are complaining because they would like the links to no longer be visible. The only way I can make them disappear is if I set those courses as "Disabled". But I usually hold off on this encase there's a grade appeal so faculty can go back and review the grade center or run a report.


No I know in Blackboard you can hide the links from your Blackboard home page which faculty do. But that option does not reflect in the portal. The link still remains. Now our IT department believes this is a Bb issue or Bb setting. I think it's not. I beliave it has something to do in the SharePoint portal. Below is a screen shot of our module in the portal. As you can see the courses that are live are bold. The course that's marked "Unavailable" is grayed out. Faculty can still see it and access it. In their Bb home page its hidden. But the link still appears in the portal. So if any one has an answer or solution to this please let me know.



Thank you