BbWorld19:  Bb Data/DDA Help

Discussion created by db0076992 on Jul 29, 2019

I enjoyed my time at BbWorld19 and was excited to present another successful presentation with my best friend John Williams.  This BbWorld I decided to focus mostly on the Blackboard Administrator side of things.  It was great gaining tips and tricks from more seasoned Bb Admins and I hope to work closely with them as I improve my own skills as a Bb Admin.  My favorite sessions were dealing with Blackboard Data.  My institution, about a month before coming to BbWorld, were inquiring about how they could access their data to run various reports.  Not having the budget for A4L and other Bb products, Bb Data seemed like a viable option.  I will be honing my coding skills in order to take advantage of direct data access (DDA) and also relying on the developer networks which I learned about at BbWorld as well.  Any help with networking with other Bb Admins and Bb Data developers would be much appreciated.  I am in a learning phase when it come to developer resources and hope to be able to be more of a contributor in the future.