BbWorld - An Introduction of Appreciation

Discussion created by lt0079872 on Jul 24, 2019
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I've seen many Learning Management Systems, and I've attended my fair share of conventions and conferences. I felt like a rookie receiving my "First Time Attendee" pin on my lanyard this morning, but I got over it. The layout was mind-boggling and I was thoroughly glad for Sheryn Anthes and Marissa Carrillo for their consideration of a BbWorld First-Time Attendee Orientation. Very necessary, and quite appreciated! It's nice to look around and realize the many faces of the new attendees and it makes one feel more apt to approach them in the Hub.

Then, nearly the entire hoard of us barged in on Emmah Schramke and she explained the Community and Hub areas to us.

Overall, It was nice to be eased into it all. One bit of advice given to us by...OH, I am so sorry I FORGOT YOUR NAME!!! was to not try to do everything. Sage advice, and I remember that from other conferences. Often times I have felt like I need to find out every aspect of what's going on, but that can be exhausting, so thanks for the warning

As an organization, I feel that Blackboard seems to have the most interest in pleasing their client base. This is evidenced by the UXLab, and having the opportunity to talk first-hand to developers and give our opinions of developments that are underway.

I really appreciate everything that Blackboard is doing to earn their clients, and the show them the value of using Blackboard by the support and development that is constantly occurring behind the scenes.

Ya'll keep up the good work!


( can take the boy out of the country, but...)