Message on test register about access violation

Discussion created by ap0079900 on Jul 18, 2019
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While doing testing for meal plans in the upcoming fall term 2019, I have a register setup connected to our test server. I have the card configured related to a meal plan that involves 'retail combo,' or meal purchase that normally involves cash/credit as part of a student's meal plan.

So when swiping the card to look up the balance, I get this error message: Access violation at address 00EA273F in module 'pos_register.exe'. Read of address 0000001C


The address mentioned doesn't appear to be related to the device's MAC address and there was system maintenance on the production system the previous day; the register had been rebooted but this issue persists. From checking on Google, access violation at address point to using dxdiag.exe and that was run and no problems determined there.


Any help is appreciated, thank you!