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Sending data from external LTI tools

Question asked by jm0048678 on Jul 16, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2019 by raji

Hi Team,

I am writing a LTI application which lets an instructor connect to our app and return an embed URL back to Blackboard, as a content item.

I am using the "ims-lti" gem and have build the app, and trying to get it work.


I've added the app as a "Deep Linking Content tool", and it shows up and I am able to generate the embed URL from our app.  I am creating a form (with the text as a part of the content item, and rest of the form data using ToolConsumer from the ims-lti gem)  on the fly and submitting it to the "content_item_return_url" which is recorded in the launch request. However I get the following error :

Oops, something went wrong.

The tool didn't return the expected data elements.


I noticed this forum post : which prompted to include the "data" field from the launch request (form has all the attributes mentioned in the post). I explicitly included the data field in the form I am POST-ing, which prompts this error:

Oops, something went wrong.

The OAuth validation failed.


I am not sure if this is correct way send data back from Blackboard. Would appreciate any help on this.