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Problem with LTI Grades Services

Question asked by Alberto Ruiz on Jul 9, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2019 by scott.hurrey



we've detected a strange behavior with the Assignments and Grades Services in the Blackboard Learn implementation.


We create a new Gradable Content placement of our LTI Advantage tool. After that we add the content to a Original experience course, with the gradable option checked. It creates a new column in the grade center.


When the user clicks the resource link, in the request claims we find the endpoint to get the existing line items, but it returns an empty array or just the line items we create with our tool.


We know about the isolation of the general Grade Columns and the LTI tool created ones, but it makes no sense to create a column associated to a gradable LTI content and being unable to use it from the tool side.


With the current workflow we have to ask the instructors to make the assessment not gradable, which is very counter-intuitive, and create the line item in the first tool use.


We are not sure if this is the intended behavior or we are doing something wrong.