Attn: Starfish users in SaaS CD

Discussion created by heather.crites on Jun 27, 2019
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Good afternoon!


This post is targeting institutions who are in SaaS on Continuous Delivery and use version 7.1.x or 7.5.x of the Starfish building block.


In the Release Notes for 3700.5.0 (https://help.blackboard.com/Learn/Administrator/SaaS/Release_Notes), the following change was made:

  • We’ve removed the Learn Legacy Authentication Provider type, which represented the authentication framework deployed on versions prior to 9.1 SP8.


It would appear that the Starfish B2 still relies upon this authentication provider.  We are using B2 version 7.5.x. When 3700.5.0 was applied and the provider was removed, it broke any and all connectivity to Starfish.  In our staging instance, we cannot configure the B2, use the SSO, and the data import does not function.  Another institution (thanks Michelle Donaldson) discovered this issue and validated the same impact with B2 version 7.1.x. We have not tested any other versions of the building block, but I would imagine they also have the same issue.


We have been told that Starfish is releasing a new version of the B2 tonight.


I am not sure how proactive they are or whether they keep track of Blackboard versions.  If you are a Starfish client and are on Continuous Delivery, please test your B2 in 3700.5.0 and reach out to Starfish if it fails.


Just a public service announcement.

People helping people.