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Base Navigation Notification indicators

Question asked by resource.production on Jun 27, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2019 by resource.production

Hi there,

We are currently testing Base Navigation with the Original Course view, and I have been trying to determine whether you receive any visual indicators that you have a new message that does NOT require you to click on the Messages link first.


I logged a job with Behind the Blackboard and they have said that you only receive Message Notifications with Ultra Course view, but even then, this does not involve a red icon in the menu. You actually still have to click on the Messages link in order to see whether you have new/unread messages or not.


Perhaps, I have been misled by the following, which are links to pages where a red indicator is displayed in the base nav menu, but I am starting to wonder if these are mockups.

Screenshot 1(Messages) -
Screenshot 2 (Activity Stream) -


At our institution, the Messages tool has NEVER been used. Teaching staff have always used the Email tool instead. As we move to Base Nav, with the Messages tool now readily accessible to students, staff will now have to actively monitor the Messages tool on a daily basis. Therefore, a visual indicator in the actual menu would be really helpful.


Can anyone who is currently on Base Nav please clarify whether the red icon actually exists or not?


Many thanks!