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2016 theme: mobile action bar - reduce button size and improve layout?

Question asked by mdeeprose on Jun 16, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2019 by emunoz

I've been testing the mobile theme for instructors a bit more lately and I feel that the action bar buttons in mobile view do not need to take the full width of the screen at least in landscape / tablet view.


Currently each action bar button fills the width of the available space:


announcements - default view


I think it would be a more efficient use of space to reduce the button size and have two buttons side by side, e.g.



But I'm struggling to get it right.




.actionBar ul li {
width: 50%;


I get 



Does anyone know a way to get navsecondary (the re-order button in the above case) to line up nicely?