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How do you manage custom language packs on SaaS?

Question asked by chrisboon on Jun 14, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2019 by chrisboon

We're moving from Managed Hosting to SaaS in July, and I'm currently going through the test migration process, and have been looking at our custom language pack.  We've made some small changes to the UK English language pack, and created a copy called City College English.  In the past, on SH and MH, I would make a new copy of the UK English language pack, and re-apply the changes to this, to ensure our custom language pack was on the same version as our live system.  However, when we move to SaaS, we will effectively be getting a small upgrade every 4-6 weeks- does this mean I'll need to re-apply the language pack changes after each SaaS upgrade, or will I be informed if the update includes any changes to the language pack which would necessitate making a new copy?