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2016 theme: highlighting certain control panel options

Question asked by mdeeprose on Jun 12, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2019 by mdeeprose

We've had feedback from our customers that they would like the way to get to course copy more obvious.  I've been looking at different ways to do this, one of which is by customising the theme.  I have a few things working and a few questions 


Background: to get to course copy you have to go to Packages and Utilities in the Control Panel and then choose course copy.


Possible implementation:


You can use 

a[href*="cp_package_utillities"] { background-color: yellow !important; }

to highlight the area behind the button for Packages and Utilities:


You can use 

h4#anonymous_element_17 { background: blue; }

to highlight the background of packages and utilities

BUT... because it is #anonymous_element_17 this may be used in other areas.


Does anyone know how to customise the CSS so that the above would only apply on the control panel?  I have tried various combinations of dots, hashs and controlPanelPalette but have not been able to get it to work.


Finally you can use 


a[href*="cp_copy_course"] { background-color: rgba(17, 249, 46, .16) !important; }

To highlight the course copy link:

I have used some transparency on this one because it also applies to course copy links in other places e.g.


I guess my main question is if there is a better way to achieve 


h4#anonymous_element_17 { background: blue; }

with more specificity so that it will only apply within the Control Panel.